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The Best Decision I Have Ever Made!

13th, Dec 2021

Gynaecology concerns is a subject many of us might shy away. However, Dr Patrick Campbell reassures us that he is here to help with any issues you may have. A recent patient of Patrick's left a really amazing review of her experience with Labiaplasty and has said it was the best decision she has ever made! Check it out below.

"After turning 40 I decided I had to make the right decision for me & find out where I could get my labia corrected. After suffering for many years with discomfort, pain in everyday life, activities & embarrassing sexual situations, I finally plucked up the courage to do some research & find out exactly what was different about my labia and why it was like this and more importantly if I could get anything done about it. After some research I came across the procedure Labiaplasty & thought this could be right for me. I researched where in Northern Ireland did these procedures & Kingsbridge Private Hospital came up. After a long discussion with my husband and reading the information on the hospital website I plucked up the courage to call the hospital. I have to say from the moment I rang & was talking to the receptionist at Kingsbridge, I felt at ease. I booked a consultation with Dr Patrick Campbell and that was the first step done.

My consultation meeting could not have went better even during the Covid restrictions. From the moment I arrived the staff made me feel so at ease. Dr Campbell talked through my issues with my labia and why I would like to get the corrective surgery done.

'He was excellent, very understanding and made me feel so comfortable.'

After the initial embarrassment and a quick examination I was fine. Dr Campbell checked my labia then explained exactly how he could correct the issue, he even drew a little diagram. I was so happy that someone understood how I felt and what I had been putting up with all these years. Doing any physical activity such as spin and running was getting more uncomfortable. I would only wear certain underwear and intercourse could be very uncomfortable and awkward too.

'Finally there was someone listening to me and understanding why I would like this issue to be fixed.'

The operation itself was absolutely fine. I was in and out on the same day and the hospital staff and Dr Campbell were all amazing at Kingsbridge Private Hospital. The first few days after the operation were a bit uncomfortable but I wasn't in pain. I just took it easy and did as the nurses and Dr Campbell had advised. The full recovery took about 6 weeks and i was out jogging again at 8 weeks.

'I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made and the end result is fantastic!'

The wound healed fantastic and you would hardly even know there was a scar there. It was never about how my labia looked for me, although I can understand how it might be for some women. It was about being uncomfortable and sore, constantly jiggling around to fix myself & not realising how often I was doing it until my daughter pointed it out to me one day.

I just wish there was more information out there for women about these issues & for them to know we don't have to put up with it. There are options out there, provided by the best healthcare professionals in our own Country."

Dr Patrick Campbell, Consultant Urogynaecologist has said: "Labiaplasty is an operation to trim the inner lips of skin surrounding the vaginal opening. Most women request this operation to improve aesthetic appearance but some women also request surgery to relieve discomfort with certain types of exercise, tight clothing or intercourse. Surgery is carried out as a day case procedure at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.

For more information, including an animation video of the procedure, check out my website at I am also a ‘verified’ specialist on the RealSelf website where you can read reviews from my patients and view pre/post op pictures. My cosmetic gynae clinic is at the Maypole Clinic in Holywood on Tuesday evenings."

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