Patient Discharge

When it is time to go home

Patient information

Patient Discharge

You will be informed of your discharge time and date so that you can make arrangements for a friend or family member to accompany you home. Do not drive home yourself.

If you are an overnight inpatient, you will be discharged at approximately 10am on the morning you are due to go home. However, day case patients can be discharged throughout the day as appropriate.

It is ESSENTIAL that you have an identified responsible adult to accompany you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours after your discharge.

If you anticipate that there may be discharge problems, please let us know as early as possible. The hospital has a comfortable lounge for patients to stay in on the day of discharge should your transport home not be available at that time.

IYour consultant will liaise with you and the nursing staff to determine when you will be able to go  home. You will be given a letter for your GP and, if required, any take home medication prescribed by your consultant. If you foresee any need for support from community services, please let us know in advance of your admission and we will assist you as much as possible in making arrangements.

When You Are At Home

  • Relax and rest as much as possible.
  • Take any drugs exactly as your Consultant has prescribed.
  • Follow your discharge advice exactly including advice on what to eat and resuming activities such as driving and work.
  • Contact the hospital ward directly if you have any concerns. 
  •              Belfast patients 028 9068 8867
  •              Sligo patients  071 919 0396

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