Be.Reassured Health Assessment

Worried about any underlying health risks? Or want extra confidence to make some lifestyle changes? Deep dive into your health with a doctor and leave with lasting advice from trained clinical staff.

Bupa Health Checks

Be.Reassured Health Assessment - £690*

Whether it’s a health concern that runs in the family or you need extra confidence to make lifestyle changes, we’re here for you. Get tests done and check out your health risks with a doctor. Receive coaching calls from our experts, and use our app to make behaviour changes throughout the year. There’s online mental health support for 12 months, too.

The Be.ReassureHealth Assessment provides an in-depth view of your health with male or female health checks and up to one hour with a doctor.

You’ll receive a set of health tests and measures relevant to your personal needs that will help you to get a clear picture of your current health and a view of any future health risks.

You’ll get up to 60 minutes with a Bupa doctor who will provide a targeted physical examination and any additional relevant tests. These tests include male and female specific cancer checks. With up to an hour devoted to your needs you can discuss any health concerns you have.

How long will your health assessment last on the day?

You’ll be with a health adviser for 60 minutes, and a doctor for up to 60 minutes.

What comes with your health assessment?

A comprehensive set of tests aimed at giving a clear picture of current health and identifying any future health risks, directing you towards a healthier lifestyle through access to Bupa Boost and lifestyle support after the assessment. It also includes male or female health checks and a consultation with a Bupa doctor for up to 60 minutes.

Even before you attend your health assessment, you can get started with the Bupa Be.Me app

Within Bupa Be.Me you’ll have access to virtual coaching. For a full year, you’ll get personalised, practical advice for achieving whatever goals you set. The app can also help with areas for improvement, such as:

  • Nutrition and exercise for healthy living
  • Maintaining a healthy gut and heart
  • Cutting your alcohol intake or smoking
  • Improving your moblity and flexibility
  • Taking care of your mental health
  • Managing your sleep patterns

Spend an hour with a health adviser and discuss what’s important to you

All of our health advisers either come from a nursing background or are qualified in exercise physiology, nutrition or health science fields. This lifestyle session is focused on helping you take greater control over your health and wellbeing. Among your tests and reviews will be:

  • A heart-rhythm screening plus blood tests for type 2 diabetes, anaemia and cholesterol
  • A review of your flexibility and mobility
  • A mental health and wellbeing discussion
  • Setting personal behaviour-change goals which you can track over a year with the support of follow-up coaching calls

Up to 60 minutes with a doctor

Whether you already have a concern or just want the reassurance of a check-up, this consultation can help set your mind at rest. You’ll discuss your physical and mental health and see whether you need anything further.

A year’s health and wellbeing support

  • 12 months’ access to online mental wellbeing programmes
  • Two calls from a lifestyle coach, to see how you’re doing and help you reach your goals
  • You can talk to a Bupa nurse about anything, 24/7, with our Anytime HealthLine (12 months)


  • Total assessment time - 2 hours
  • Test time - 30 minutes
  • Review time - 30 minutes
  • Consultation time - Up to 60 minutes including 15 minutes to write your personalised report
  • Age range- 18 to 70 designed for those over 40 in mind

For a full list of the Be.Reassured tests and assessments see our Comparison Guide (PDF, 0.2MB). Also see the Health Assessment Guide (PDF, 2.1MB) for full details on what's included in each health assessment.


If you would like to book an appointment or require further information on the options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact the Bupa Health Advice line on 0333 920 0718 or book online now.

If you would like to book an appointment or require further information on the available options, please do not hesitate to contact our private patient booking team via our online enquiry form.

Alternatively, email Kingsbridge Private Hospital

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