Be.Ahead Health Assessment

Want to push yourself further? Take your next step in health and fitness with our most comprehensive plan. You’ll have the support of a health adviser, doctor insight, and an advanced fitness test powered by Wattbike.

Bupa Health Checks

Be.Ahead Health Assessment - £890*

Our Health Peak is our most comprehensive health assessment, designed to help you perform at your best.

Take your fitness to the next level, safely, with our most comprehensive health and wellbeing plan. You’ll have an advanced fitness test, time with a doctor, and the support of a health adviser. Choose your own health module and get support with meeting your goals thanks to follow-up coaching calls and our behaviour change app.

Through a core set of health tests and measures Health Peak is designed to both identify current health concerns and potential future risks. By offering personalised lifestyle coaching and support tools it will then help you to make the necessary lifestyle changes to be healthier today and in the future. It also includes male or female health checks for the early detection of gender-specific cancers, with a doctor consultation of up to 60 minutes.

This is followed by an advanced fitness test, using the latest technology to measure physiological responses to exercise, offering guidance towards improved levels of fitness and performance.

What does your health assessment include?

A core set of tests aimed at identifying key health risks, directing you towards a healthier lifestyle through access to Boost and lifestyle coaching after the assessment.

It also includes male or female health checks, an advanced fitness test and a consultation with a Bupa doctor for up to 60 minutes.

Available as part of the Be.Ahead Health Screening, the Wattbike can measure a patient’s physiological responses to exercise in a more scientific manner.

Download the Bupa Be.Me app and get ready for a whole year of focusing on achieving your goals

You’ll have access to your own virtual coaching tool for 12 months, choose your own health and lifestyle focus, and you can use the app to stay motivated and on track. You can also:

  • Upload data from any wearables
  • Build your mobility and flexibility
  • Tailor your nutrition for fitness performance
  • Look after your heart
  • Manage your alcohol intake or smoking
  • Take care of your mental health

Take a 30-minute advanced fitness test powered by Wattbike

Wattbike is an intelligent smart trainer. We’ll use it to put you through your paces in a wide range of tests designed to explore the efficiency of your heart and bloodflow system. For example, how much oxygen you use, your peak heart rate, and your maximum power output.

Based on your scores, you’ll get an in-depth assessment of your fitness level plus a comprehensive personalised 12-week programme to help you improve your performance and fitness. This will specify your ideal personal training zones so that you can achieve more, more safely.

With the Watt bike assessment the following measurements can be collected:

  • Predicted V02 Maximum
  • Cardio respiratory fitness score - which will link clients to a 13 week watt bike training plan on the WB app dependent on their score (requires a watt bike).
  • More accurate measurement of max HR – useful for heart rate training zones
  • Max minute power – max wattage they can maintain for a minute straight
  • Functional threshold power – max wattage they can maintain for an hour straight
  • Functional threshold – FTP represented as a heart rate
  • Leg balance – if they are more dominant in one leg than the other.

The assessment also includes access to Boost, two lifestyle coaching sessions and access to the My Bupa portal which will hold your personal health report and action plan as well as a range of information, videos and online coaching programmes.

You will also gain 24/7 access to Bupa nurses via our Bupa Anytime HealthLine.

Have an in-depth consultation with one of our expert health advisers

All of our health advisers either come from a nursing background or are qualified in exercise physiology, nutrition or health science fields. During your health assessment, you’ll spend an hour having a range of tests and focusing on your health and fitness goals. Among other things:

  • You’ll use your personal data to choose a lifestyle module, which will then be supported by a year’s behaviour change coaching
  • You’ll have a heart-rhythm screening plus tests for type 2 diabetes, anaemia and cholesterol
  • We’ll do a mobility and flexibility review
  • We’ll discuss your mental health and wellbeing

Spend up to 60 minutes with a doctor

You’ll have chance to talk about whatever’s on your mind – including your mental and physical health, your fitness, and any risks you face. The doctor will run a series of tests if appropriate to your personal circumstances. For women who have concerns, there’s also a breast examination plus a cervical smear for the over-25s. And for men, there are testicular and prostate checks.

We’ll stay with you for a full year

This health and wellbeing plan also includes:

12 months’ access to online mental wellbeing programmes
Two follow-up calls from a lifestyle coach to help you stay focused on achieving your goals
24/7 phone access to a Bupa nurse for 12 months, through our Anytime HealthLine


  • Total assessment time - 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Test time - 30 minutes
  • Additional tests time - 45 minutes advanced fitness test and results review
  • Review time - 30 minutes
  • Consultation time - Up to 45 minutes
  • Age range- 18 to 70

For a full list of the Be.Ahead tests and assessments see our Comparison Guide (PDF, 0.2MB). Also see the Health Assessment Guide (PDF, 2.1MB) for full details on what's included in each health assessment.

If you would like to book an appointment or require further information on the options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact the Bupa Health Advice line on 0333 920 0718 or book online now.

If you would like to book an appointment or require further information on the available options, please do not hesitate to contact our private patient booking team via our online enquiry form.

Alternatively, email Kingsbridge Private Hospital

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