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Kingsbridge Private Hospital has a number of programmes designed to meet an employer's key HR concerns

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At Kingsbridge Private Hospital we recognise the importance of employee wellbeing. Managing corporate and occupational health should be part of your company's vision for the future. The longer term consequences of ignoring your employees’ health can ultimately be very costly to your business.

Kingsbridge Private Hospital can provide the following services for your employees:


Bupa Health Screening at our Belfast Hospital

Our health experts build a clear picture of where your current health is and identify potential future health risks.

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Membership of our Diamond Club to our Corporate clients in Northern Ireland

An exclusive corporate membership with discounts on private hospital treatments.

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Pre-Employment Health Screening

Medicals to ensure a prospective employee is fit to perform the proposed role.

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Insurance Medicals

Kingsbridge Private Hospital provides an extensive medical examination service.

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All of the above screening programmes have been designed to meet an employer's key HR concerns, with the resultant benefits of enhancing staff retention and productivity, reducing staff absenteeism with the associated costs and safeguarding against litigation

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