Self Care Week - Men's & Women's Health

6th, November 2019

It is important to always look out for signs and symptoms that may highlight an issue that could be prevented if seen early enough. At Kingsbridge Private Hospital we offer a comprehensive range of women's and men's sexual health facilities to help you if you do notice a change in your body.

Women’s Health

Kingsbridge Private Hospital offers cervical screening tests or cervical smear tests via our Private GP Clinic. Both tests help detect abnormal cells on the cervix. Early detection and removal of abnormal cervical cells can help prevent cervical cancer. Smear tests are one of the best and most accurate ways to protect yourself from cervical cancer.

Yet, 1 in 4 woman do not attend their screenings at all.

A Women’s Health Clinic is also available every Thursday which includes advice about and provision of all methods of contraception including the contraceptive pill, long-acting reversible contraception and natural family planning. Counselling and referral for both male and female sterilisation is also available.

A full list of women’s health services are listed below:

Cervical Smear Tests
Contraception Counselling, Coil & Implant
Menopause Clinic
Pelvic Health Clinic
Vaginal Procedures & Repairs

Men’s Health

Kingsbridge Private Hospital provide a variety of Men’s Health services including a dedicated Prostate Screening Clinic for men who are worried about prostate disease.

Prostate Cancer UK states that -

‘More than 47,500 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year which is the equivalent to 129 men every day.’

The Prostate Screening Clinic in Belfast offers fast access to diagnostics tests with same day results.

A full list of men’s health services are listed below:

Prostate Screening
Urology & Testicular Clinic
Vasectomy Clinic

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