School’s out for Summer!

11th, September 2019

A significant and current health concern for children and their families is childhood obesity and excess weight gain. NHS digital states that more than 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school. This can have serious implications on a child’s physical and mental health from a young age right through into adulthood.

It is essential that children are introduced from a young age to a healthy balanced diet that gives them enough energy to grow and develop and it is known that a poor diet and low levels of physical activity are the primary factors that contribute to excess weight gain.

With the schools finishing up for the Summer, it can be hard to keep the kids occupied over the coming months. Whether you have a holiday booked abroad or you plan to stay close to home, it is so important that children don’t spend day after day sitting in front of a computer or television screen but instead outside in the fresh air enjoying fun outdoor activities and adventure days that will keep them moving, contributing to a more active lifestyle and this will also help them sleep more soundly at night.

Why not consider…

• Creating a healthy eating chart which involves reaching your 5 a day. The kids will enjoy keeping track of the healthy goodness they are eating each day and at the end of the week can be rewarded with a treat of their choice.

Local summer youth clubs are great for keeping children busy for the day, where they can continue to interact with other children and enjoy playing games with friends even when school is finished.

Little Chef Wednesday’s - Choose a day throughout the week where you cook with your children from the trip to the grocery store to getting the chef hats on and cooking up a delicious healthy meal together.

Avoid having sugary drinks and snacks in the house. Instead opt for healthy alternatives and plenty of water.

Plan adventure days for the children to look forward to. There are so many tourists spots right at our doorsteps. The National Trust has so much to offer, get closer to nature, discover the outdoors or check out exhibitions being held near you. Find out more here

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