Refund Plus

3rd, March 2016

Origin offers a Refund Plus programme were multiple IVF/ICSI cycles are available at a significant discount and provides security of a money back guarantee of 75% if patients do not have a baby

In Northern Ireland around 5,500 couples attend their GPs with a fertility problem and annually the region has over 2,500 fertility referrals.  As Northern Ireland’s longest established independent fertility clinic and part of the 3fivetwo Healthcare Group, Origin Fertility Care  is able to offer fertility treatment in a friendly and caring environment.

Now in its 15th year of operation , Origin, situated in the Belmont area in a leafy district of East Belfast, has successfully helped hundreds of patients achieve their dream of a family through a wide range of treatments, including cutting edge techniques such as egg freezing, physiological ICSI, birefringence analysis of egg quality and time lapse imaging.

By keeping abreast of new technologies Origin has maintained high success rates, available on the Origin website, year on year.  An interactive Facebook and Blog  service provides patients with information on a whole variety of subjects.

Origin treats more same sex couples and single women that any other clinic in Northern Ireland. Most will opt for a course of Intrauterine insemination, (IUI) where donor sperm in inserted directly into the uterus at the time of ovulation, as this is the easiest option.  If this approach is not suitable In vitro Fertilisation is used were the  patient’s eggs are fertilised with a donor sperm in a dish and her embryos transferred back into the uterus.  Patients using donor sperm are under the guidance of the donor sperm coordinator  who   not only offers  advice on choosing the most suitable donor, but is present for support right up until treatment itself.

Origin understands the importance of providing quality treatment in the most cost effective manner and provides a completely transparent fee structure allowing an accurate overview of costs.   

Refund Plus Programme

Origin offers a refund programme were multiple IVF/ICSI cycles are available at a significant discount and provides security of a money back guarantee of 75% if patients do not have a baby

The Refund Plus program, is available to women up to the age of 37 years using their own eggs  and includes 3 IVF or ICSI cycles, transfer of  frozen embryos and free Time-Lapse technology ,worth £ 2400. The refund programme is a  fixed discounted fee that can be up to £1000 less than the  same services without the programme. 

Origin prides itself on its holistic and individualised approach and have a ‘why wait’ philosophy alleviating   the added stress of having to wait for treatment.  A 24/7 nurse on-call service for any emergency questions and a resident counseling service ensure that Origin is there for every step of a patient’s journey.


Origin Fertility Care are holding two Open Evenings this month on 15th and 30th March.

There will be a full tour of the clinic and access to the management team for questions. Orign Fertility Care are also offering one-to-one half hour sessions with a Consultant and nurse.

Limited places available. Call today on 028 9076 1713 to book your place.

For more information please visit the Origin Fertility Care website by clicking here or email

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