Rapid Access Urology Clinic at Kingsbridge

18th, March 2015

Read the blog to find out what you should expect when visiting the Rapid Access Urology Clinic at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.

What should a patient expect when visiting the Rapid Access Urology Clinic at Kingsbridge Private Hospital?

On arrival and checking in we would invite men to relax in the pleasant waiting room and enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee whilst watching Sky News or similar on the flat screen TV, but to refrain from visiting the bathroom until being seen by our GP.  

At the appointed time they will then be invited to see the GP for a thorough and detailed consultation regarding the particular “waterworks” problem that is their issue. This will entail a history of the problem, and other relevant medical  history of past illnesses, medications taken and usually a social history to see how this particular problem affects everyday life. Part of this assessment will be a peer referenced scoring of how severe the problem is too.

Following this thorough initial assessment an examination will be undertaken. This will involve a brief general examination and an examination of the abdomen, genitalia and the rectum (through which the prostate is felt).  This clinical examination is important and will yield very helpful and useful information. Blood tests are usually taken at this point to test for kidney function and Prostate specific antigen,  a measure of inflammation or potential malignancy in the prostate gland.

Patients are then taken to a private toilet facility where the flow of urine is tested using very up to date machinery and blue tooth technology to ensure privacy as the urine flow is assessed. Following the emptying of the bladder an Ultrasound Scan of the bladder is completed by the GP, to assess how much urine might be remaining in the bladder after passing as much urine as completely possible.

Patients will be provided with a complete summary of the findings of the assessment before they are discharged. Results of the blood tests will follow a few days later.

Following this assessment it may be appropriate for the GP to treat some of the more simple causes of waterworks trouble, or for more complex cases, the GP can provide a seamless and rapid referral to an experienced team of Consultant Urologists to fully investigate and treat at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.

We hope to make the patient journey as quick, straightforward and painless as possible to give the patient peace of mind and treatment options if required.

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