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9th, April 2014

Dr Steve Green – Head embryologist at Origin Fertility Care tells us how Origin Fertility Care is working to improve pregnancy rates after Assisted Conception

Dr Steve Green – Head embryologist at Origin Fertility Care tells us how Origin Fertility Care is working to improve pregnancy rates after Assisted Conception 

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There are two vital components that can impact on whether a pregnancy will occur after assisted conception treatment.  These are the selection of the most viable embryo available and the preparation of the embryo and the lining of the womb in order to enhance the chance of implantation and a successful pregnancy.

Origin Fertility Care is working very hard to improve the quality and selection criteria of embryos and to enhance the implantation process.

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Developing and selecting the best embryo

  • The egg

Origin has invested in new birefringence technology that allows our embryologists to see inside an egg using a special polarised light source.  This allows them to examine the internal structure of the spindle which contains the chromosomes. This is vital information as the egg quality is the most difficult parameter to quantify.

  • The sperm

All ICSI treatments when possible are performed using selected mature sperm using the hyaluronan molecule. This is a naturally occurring molecule present in the layers surrounding the egg and    mature spermatozoa exhibit receptors for this molecule. Mature sperm have been shown to exhibit less DNA damage and have fewer abnormalities. When these selected sperm are injected into the egg the resulting embryo is most likely to be of an improved quality.

Normal semen samples undergoing an analysis for the first time are screened for the presence of mature sperm before they are used for IVF treatment.

  • The embryo

Embryos are selected for transfer based on a number of selection criteria. For patients with small numbers of embryos they are assessed on day 3 for cell number and morphology.

Origin has capacity for following the growth of a large number of embryos using Primo Vision Time Lapse Imaging technology.  This is very important in order to identify any abnormal growth events during development.   When possible, patient’s embryos are grown to the blastocyst stage. This offers clearer selection criteria and is used in combination with information derived from earlier growth.

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Enhancing the impanation process and the chances of pregnancy

  • The endometrial scratch

Origin Fertility Care support the evidence that improved pregnancy outcome can be achieved after an endometrial scratch is performed in the cycle preceding ovarian stimulation, which releases a cascade of factors beneficial in the implantation process. This procedure is available at Origin for those patients who wish to have it. 

  • Hyaluronan binding to the embryo prior to transfer 

All embryos selected for embryo transfer are soaked for a period of time in a special media containing a receptor which helps bind the embryo to the endometrium of the womb enhancing the implantation process. 

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Your very best chance 

In combination, these technologies available at Origin Fertility Care give our patients the very best chance of a pregnancy. 

If you would like to book a free doctor consultation at Origin Fertility Care, call us today on 028 9076 1713 or email us at info@originfertilitycare.com 

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